Exterior & Home Renovations

Has your family outgrown the current  home you are living in, or would you simply just like to add an extra room or two to make things a little more convenient? Before perusing the property market or making any other drastic decisions like relocating to a larger home, how about considering the option of having a few home additions performed instead? As local contractors for home additions, GR Repair & Maintenance is here to help transform your property for the better. If you are interested in learning more about what we can do, contact our team to get started today!

Types of Additions We Can Create

Whether it is an increasingly popular ‘man-cave’ or simply a room where sewing or art projects can be completed, many couples enjoy having a ‘room of their own’ in the house. While some empty nesters may have the luxury of using their spare bedrooms for this purpose, others may have to consider the option of performing home additions in order to cater for this. In cooler climates, having sunrooms erected can also make the world of difference when you want to enjoy spending time in the sunshine, but the temperatures are still too chilly to be completely outdoors.

Sewing room
Screened porch

Enjoy Long Summer Evenings

Do you and your family enjoy spending long summer evenings out on the porch, but despise being attacked by swarms of mosquitoes and other equally unpleasant insects as the sun sets? GR Repair & Maintenance is able to offer you an excellent solution to this problem in the form of screen porches. This is one of those home additions that will enable you to laze away those warm evenings without having to worry about itching afterwards. We are able to offer you the widest range of plans and options for building your screen porches or sunrooms.

Family Dynamics That Will Benefit From Our Home Additions

As a general contractor in Long Beach specializing in contracting services and exterior remodel projects, we understand that every family has unique dynamics and needs. Our home additions can provide the perfect solution for families facing various situations. Whether you have expanding teenagers who need their own space, elderly parents moving in, or a growing desire for a designated home office, our team can create the ideal solution for you. Our experienced contractors can customize the design and layout of your home additions to perfectly suit your family’s dynamics and create a harmonious living space.

Multigenerational family smiling for a photo
Person looking at architecture plans surrounded by renovation tools and supplies

Home Additions vs Buying a New Home

When faced with the dilemma of a growing family or insufficient space, many homeowners contemplate buying a new home. However, before diving into the real estate market, considering home additions can be a more cost-effective and practical choice. As an experienced exterior remodel contractor and specialist in home additions in Long Beach, we have helped countless homeowners expand and enhance their existing homes to meet their changing needs. With our team, you can save on the expenses associated with real estate transactions, moving costs, and the stress of starting anew. Let us transform your current home into your dream space.

Why You Can Trust Our Team

At GR Repair & Maintenance, we take great pride in being the trusted general contractor in Long Beach for all your exterior remodel and home addition needs. With years of experience in contracting services, we have honed our skills to consistently deliver high-quality results. Our dedicated team of professionals has a keen understanding of the construction industry and stays updated on the latest trends and techniques. From the initial design stage to the final touches, we ensure open communication, attention to detail, and efficient project management. You can trust our team to bring your vision to life and create stunning, functional home additions.

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